Webinar on Pipeline Repair

On September 16, 2009, Professor Ehsani offered a webinar entitled ” The Latest Innovation in Pipe & Culvert Repair Using Carbon FRP,”. The event was very well-received with over 440 individuals from 18 countries participating in this live event.
Click here to watch a video of the entire one-hour long presentation

Participants in the webinar were asked to watch the following videos:

Blast test:
This video is one of the best demonstrations of the effectiveness of FRP products for strengthening structures.
Blast Test Video

This video shows one of the ways that PipeMedic can be installed in a pipe.
PipeMedic Video

Small Pipe:
This short video demonstration shows how the elastic memory of PipeMedic can be beneficial in retrofit of small diameter pipes. In an actual installation, a layer of epoxy will be applied to the back of PipeMedic before it is pushed into the pipe.
Culvert Video

Below is the handouts for all the slides used in the webinar, and two technical papers that were referenced to during the presentation.