Gillies Range Road Culvert Repair

60" StifPipe® made and installed in Australia

Location: Gillies Range Road
Near Cairns, Queensland Australia


The Problem:

A highly deformed pipe near Cains, Queensland on Gillies Range Rd needed repair. Because of this deformity, the diameter of the old corrugated pipe varied from 63" to 71" (162cm to 180cm). A lightweight pipe of 60" (150cm) diameter would be ideal.

The Solution & the Results:

StifPipe® (patent-pending) was selected for this project. Four 19.5' (6m) segments of StifPipe® were fabricated in Brisbane Australia, avoiding costly shipping. In the end, a 60" (150cm) diameter by 79.5' (24.2m) StifPipe® solution was installed solving the problem at Gillies Range Rd for the next 50 years.

The picture to the left shows the nearly 1.5m (60 inch) diameter StifPipe® being manufactured by hand in Brisbane, while the picture on the bottom shows the ease by which StifPipe® is pushed by two men into the culvert.

More information is available at or by calling (520)791-7000.